Dr Cohen-Maitre has a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in                                   psychology from Loma Linda University.  She also has                               two master's degrees in psychology as well as marriage                           and family therapy from Loma Linda University and                             Pepperdine University, respectively.  She obtained her                             bachelor's degree from New York University.  Dr. Cohen-Maitre                   has completed three post-doctoral fellowships.  Her first two,                       one-year post doctoral fellowships, in the area of developmental disabilities, were obtained at Children's Hospital/Los Angeles.                       Dr. Cohen-Maitre's third post doctoral fellowship, in the area of neuropsychology,  was obtained through The Fielding Institute.                 Dr. Cohen-Maitre's pre-doctoral training was obtained at                       Children's Hospital/Los Angeles, Loma Linda University Children's Hospital and Loma Linda University Rehabilitation Center.


Dr. Cohen-Maitre is a published researcher.  Her major area of research is in the area of Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI).  The Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness (2005 and 2015) has published Dr. Cohen-Maitre's work in this area and the theme of the 2005 journal was based on her research.  The 2015 journal described Dr. Cohen-Maitre's research as a classic in the field.  Dr. Cohen-Maitre has also contributed to research in the areas of Velocardiofacial Syndrome and infant heart transplant recipients. 


Dr. Cohen-Maitre is the founder and chief executive officer of the charity, A Moment to Breathe. The mission of A Moment to Breathe is to provide relief to parents and caregivers of children and adults with special needs.  Visit the website, www.amomenttobreathe.org to donate.  All donations are tax exempt.  We accept monetary donations as well as gift cards from organizations to restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and spas, movie theatres and so forth.